Sunday, April 17, 2011

Enterprise South Nature Park-Something for everyone

One day my family and I were on a late evening walk near a small creek in a quiet wooded area. We were enjoying the beautiful scenery, when a small yellow butterfly came up to say hello. We stopped for a moment to watch it skirting around the bushes. We continued on our walk and, as we moved along a bend in the trail, we came across a very unusual site. It was a large bunker full of ammunition boxes. A brown sign near the bunker read “Historical Exhibit”, so we wondered in to take a look at the ammunition storage area. As we came out of the bunker, a group of off road bicyclists came by enjoying the mountain trails.
We continued on our walk, eventually coming across a wooded cove near the creek. This little cove offered a vision straight out of “the old days”. It was a small area where two large hills met creating a little valley. A gentle brook babbled through it. A few trees were dispersed throughout a grassy area strewn with picnic tables. It was very easy to pictures ladies attired in 19th century dress laying out picnics for their families on a Sunday afternoon. It was an adorable spot.  This is a definite area to come back to.
As we walked along the wooded path in quiet, enjoying the sounds of nature, we heard a rustling in the woods ahead of us. We stopped for a moment in complete silence wondering what could be making the noise. All of a sudden two white-tail deer crossed the pathway a few yards in front of us. My family and stood in amazement as we watched them. They stopped and looked at us for a split second and then bounded off into the woods with great beauty.
Enterprise South Nature Park is definitely a boon to the city of Chattanooga and Hamilton County.  It takes the city/county’s reputation of an area for nature/outdoor enthusiasts to a whole new level. Built at the old Volunteer Army Ammunitions Plant, now the home of Volkswagen Chattanooga and future home of, the park has something for every nature lover from the occasional picnicker to the hardcore mountain biker.
The park offers 2,800 acres of wooded trails, picnic areas, creeks and a small lake. For bicyclists, this equals to 10 miles of mountain bike trails designed and built by SORBA, the Southern Off Road Bicycle Association. The walkers and hikers will enjoy 4.5 miles of walking and hiking trails. There is additional 5 miles of paved walking and bike trails, along with a one mile ADA accessible woodland trail. For those who enjoy driving in nature, the Still Hollow Loop provides 7 miles of driving area and quick access to the historical district and a couple of the 4 picnic areas.
Enterprise South Nature Park is open from sunrise to sunset during the spring, summer and early fall. It can be reached from Bonny Oaks at the Volkswagen Drive entrance or from I-75 at exit 9, Volkswagen Drive. If you are the occasional outdoors enthusiast, be sure to stop by the Visitor’s Center, it is the only place with flushing toilets. Hope to see you there, soon.

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Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Formal Affair Bridal Event - Chattanooga Wedding Planning |

A Formal Affair Bridal Event - Chattanooga Wedding Planning | A great intro to the upcoming 2011 Bridal Fair, A Formal Affair. It is sponsored by the Chattanooga Times Free Press. The special celebrity guest is Duff Goldman. Read the article for all the details.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Chattanooga Bridal Fairs - Chattanooga Wedding Planning |

Chattanooga Bridal Fairs - Chattanooga Wedding Planning | This article is a must read for any bride that is attending a bridal fair or wedding expo. It has excellent tips on how to get the most out of the bridal show experience.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Weddings and the Sheraton Read House - Chattanooga Wedding Planning |

Weddings and the Sheraton Read House - Chattanooga Wedding Planning | Check out this link for information on The Historical Sheraton Read House in Chattanooga, TN. This is a great place to hold a wedding, reception, corporate function or private event. The forerunner to the Read House, The Crutchfield House, was the first hotel in Chattanooga. The Read House still holds a timeless elegance; along with the most modern of conveniences. 

Saturday, December 25, 2010

How to obtain a marriage license

The wedding is just around the corner, and it is time to deal with the boring legalities. The most important of these is obtaining a Hamilton County marriage license.  Applying for a Hamilton County marriage license in Chattanooga is exceedingly simple, but it can be time consuming if everything is not in order. Chattanooga has three different sets of regulations, depending on the age of the bride and groom, concerning marriage licenses. This article will discuss ages eighteen and over.
Marriage in Tennessee is a straightforward experience. A waiting period and a blood test are not required. Both parties are required to have a form of ID, such as a driver’s license, state issued ID, certified birth certificate, or passport. They will need to know the following basic information.
ü  Parents full name (including maiden name of mother)
ü  Parents state of birth and address, if living
ü  Applicant's number of prior marriages
ü  Date last marriage ended (if applicable)
After the forms are filled out, it is time to pay the government their part. Tennessee has two options concerning the cost of the marriage license.
·         Option 1-With a Certificate of Completion-$40.00 plus a $5.00 fee for a certified copy of the marriage certificate.
·         Option 2-Without a Certificate of Completion-$100.00 plus a $5.00 fee for a certified copy of the marriage certificate.
What is a Certificate of Completion? This is a completed form confirming the couple has spent at least four hours in premarital counseling. The counseling can be done by a minister, a therapist, or a social worker. According to the Tennessee County Clerk website, Tennessee does not maintain a compiled list of approved programs, but you can visit the licensure website or a local phone book. First Things First, a not for profit organization, offers approved premarital classes for $20.00, leaving $40.00 in savings that can be used for other wedding items.
Marriage licenses are valid for 30 days from the date of issue and must be received from the Hamilton County Clerk’s office. The marriage can take place outside the state, such as in a destination wedding, but must be returned to the issuing clerk for recording. The Hamilton County Clerk’s office has an online pre-application form that can be filled out and submitted. Then all that is required at the clerk’s office is signing the papers, verifying the information, and paying the bill.
Happy Weddings, everyone.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Corporate Holiday Parties Made Easy

It was straight out of Charles Dickens ’ “A Christmas Carol”... your boss has just informed you that you are in charge of the company holiday party that is in a few weeks.  You mentally fall into a withering ball of tears, while smiling brightly at the demon boss, trying to show your excitement for this latest project.  Take a deep breath and calm down, here are 5 easy tips for planning a party your boss will be proud of.
Location, Location, Location
Make sure the location of the party meets your needs.  Chattanooga and its surrounding areas have many great locations for corporate events. It is important that you choose one that is easy to get to; has a room to fit your company and budget; and a helpful and courteous staff.  Make sure the room is the right size, especially not too big.  People are less shy and will party better if they can “get lost in the crowd”.
Whats for Dinner?
Holiday party fare can range from sandwich trays bought at Walmart to a full course meal provided by your location.  Two things to consider are budget and length of the event.  If the budget is tight, have a short soiree with finger foods or a pot luck dinner.  If your company has a large budget, show your appreciation to your fellow employees and have a longer event with a meal.  If serving alcohol (see next item), you must provide some type of food.
To Drink or Not to Drink
Although we all want to see that hot co-worker table dance, this is a choice that should be discussed with the upper levels of management and maybe even with a glance at the company’s insurance policy.  If someone has an accident after leaving the event and alcohol is a factor, the company could be liable.
Entertaining the Masses
The entertainment can be as easy as “piped” holiday music to a full band or disc jockey.  A few corporations will bring in a comedian or a magician to add a little spark.  If dancing is in the plans, then a band or disc jockey is a must.  A band can add that “live entertainment” factor that everyone loves, but a disc jockey can play a greater range of music and is easier on the checkbook.
Bear Gifts
Remember this is the Holiday Season.  Your party will be competing with family events, spouse’s work parties, and the dreaded holiday shopping.  Give your co-workers a reason to come.  Door prizes, small gifts or gift cards can increase participation and help show the company’s appreciation to its workers.

May the Holiday Season find you relaxed and merry.